Breaking News On The Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Game: How To Get Mithril For FREE And Other Unfair Advantages

imagesIf you played The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Game like many other players you are wondering how to get Mithril for free.

Mithril is the currency inside the game. You can use it to buy many things so most of the people are looking for ways to get it free or even cheaper.

I looked everywhere and researched the internet and I recommend you don’t look for free mithril on Google because you will find many sites that are scams and that will make you answer surveys and will give you nothing in the end after you finish the surveys.

There are some sites with good information but no site that provides real value is free.

However I found two sites that offer valuable informations.

The first one is which is free and you will find nice informations there.

The second one is which offers a paid membership. The price is $27 but you get full time access.

Now I recommend both of these sites to you. I tested both – yes, I paid the membership fee to see what are they offering for $27.

The next day, booom! I won a gift card with 800 mithril from them (they have some kind of promotion right now running). Anyway their membership is full with guides and very nice tools (many coordinates finders and more). They even have a forum.

So this is what I found online and I hope it will be useful to you!